What will you pass on to future generations

Build the happiness of children around the world with Ho-Me-I-Ku

What will you pass on to future generations

Expanding Ho-Me-I-Ku

is an important mission

What will you pass on to future generations

Ho-Me-I-Ku is used

all over the world

The Homeiku Foundation, which provides the “Praise and Raise” educational method to more than 500,000 people in 18 countries around the world, has just published their book in Spain, kickstarting mutual praise service between countries.

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Voice of Recommendation

Ho-Me-I-Ku training was an interactive training that helped put my thoughts into perspectives and actionable steps.

Hara-san was very patient and asked challenging questions so that we really reflect and put what we want to achieve

into steps what were realistic and can be executed by the middle management as well.

Some times, all we need is a sit down session to go through our thoughts with a structure like that provided in the training.

Highly recommended for those who are involved in management of people.

Josephine Chen

Business Entrepreneur | Singapore

Voice of Recommendation

People learn when they do. I believe teachers are at their best when they help the learners understand and then give opportunities to practice the principles and skills the learners were taught.

Therefore, our responsibilities as teachers are to teach principles clearly,give opportunities frequently, and motivate ontinuously.

Kunio understands and teaches that we should praise each other when we do things right. This is an important process in motivating people to do and learn.I believe he will change education and touch many people’s lives all over the world.

Jeffery Skinner

English Coach

Voice of Recommendation

I had the pleasure working with Mr. Hara at the WISE Summit in Doha, Qatar. Mr. Hara’s company philosophy “Ho-Me-I-Ku”

is impressive and it could apply to any leadership program for CEOs, principles, managers, teachers, and even parents.

His enthusiasm and will to spread Ho-Me-I-Kuall over the world to help achieve each individual’s talents is admirable. Mr. Hara believes that every person/ child is born to be praised and has a particular purpose on this earth and the world will be a much better place when the message is reached across the world. I believe he won’t stop until he reaches his dream!


Nurse and tour guide | Qatar

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