General Incorporated Foundation Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation


Significance of establishment

The business of ‘Ho-Me-I-Ku’

has been founded as a social foundation in Japan.

We aim to expand our activity in Cambodia, Philippines, Africa,Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, and also give a presentation in TED and WISE for the to further spread awareness.


Making Ho-Me-I-Ku a global education standard

  1. We like to raise children who can contribute to the society through Ho-Me-I-Ku.
  2. We like to teach the “Ho-Me-I-Ku Program” for the people related to child-rearing.
  3. And, the final vision is to include "Ho-Me-I-Ku" as one of the education policies for the people on this planet.

‘Ho-Me-I-Ku’ group makes Grameen Bank and BRAC as role models from now on, which is advocated by Muhammad Yunus, a novel peace prize laureate. Presentation at Grameen group and mutual collaboration are scheduled in May 2020.

The education, recruitment, and independent support for children as well as the contribution is the purpose.

The contribution spirals up, and makes the sustainable system, which is the ultimate goal of ‘Ho-Me-I-Ku’ group.




1973: Born in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture,

1996: Graduated from university and joined Nippon Kenken Holdings.

2001: Changed to Funai Consulting Co., Ltd. Become a consultant.

2002: Working at a ramen shop while building a foundation for Ho-Me-I-Ku.

2007: Ho-Me-I-Ku spread. Introduction to various Japanese companies.

2011: Spiral Up Inc. established.

2012: Spiral Up International established.

Appeared on TV in Los Angeles & Seminar held.

2013: Seminar held in China.

2014: Ho-Me-I-Ku Association launched,

2015: “Praisebased Management” published in Japanese and English.

Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation established

2016: held a seminar in India.

2017: Seminars held in Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

2018: Donated to the orphanage school construction project. Lecture in Cambodia and Taiwan.

2019: Participate in the World Zion Summit 2019Seminar.held in Qatar and Malaysia


It's nice to see you, everyone. I'm Kunio Hara of Ho-Me-I-Ku foundation. Ho-Me-I-Ku is an educational method I made. Ho-Me-I-Ku is a means to train people by praising,

and this educational method can maximize one's potential.

In addition, any personal relationship from adults to children can be improved under this method.

There are two “Ho-Me-I-Ku” methods to learn.

One is to praise yourself to improve your self-esteem.

The other is to praise others and to find their invaluable strengths.

Everyone can tell their good points by praising themselves.

In addition, everyone can understand what they should do to realize their dreams.

You can believe that your future is better. Praising your partner not only maximize their potential but also improve your relationship with your partner. We have made the

standard to praise to make more profit and provide the training for leaders in the companies. As a result,

about 265 companies have taken our service. Moreover, elementary schools, nursery schools, medical corporations, and the Self‐Defense Forces are taking our service.

Now, five hundred thousand people in ten countries learn Ho-Me-I-Ku.





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