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Use in Business

Success in improving productivity with the introduction of “Ho-Me-I-Ku”. Recruitment costs went down 71% due to a sharp drop in turnover!

"Masa go Group”which achieved 147.9% of sales last year, was also one of the companies that succeeded in increasing productivity.

Use in Education

Yatsuri Nursery in Higashiyamato City, Tokyo Prefecture first introduced "Ho-Me-I-Ku" in nursery education in 2016. Such efforts are "completely different in the growth of children," "Parents themselves have a positive attitude towards parenting," "year-on-year increase in Admission applicants."

You can use Ho-Me-I-Ku for both business and education. It is also a means of self-development.

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Here are some examples of the effects of introducing Ho-Me-I-Ku into a company.

A restaurant company that has achieved a significant reduction in the turnover rate with employee education through the "Ho-Me-I-Ku" system, which educates staff members by "praising", and has created many thriving restaurants.


President Ken Takagi, who succeeded the founder and became his son-in-law. When he was a Keio University student, he worked part-time at about 40 restaurants. The experience is reflected in current management.

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