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The saviour of less productive Japan!?

Lecture at Masago Group

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What is "Ho-Me-I-Ku"?

"A method of human resource development called Ho-Me-I-Ku that nurtures employees" aims to improve interpersonal relationships and streamline the organization by clarifying and complimenting the standards of conduct towards achieving goals within the organization.

Why did the Hara start this " Ho-Me-I-Ku"?

to start a meeting that brings together employees once a month and" cheers. "From there, the atmosphere of the shop changed, and it grew into a crowded shop. And he said, using this experience in ramen shops, "I want to reduce the number of people who think the same as themselves and crush their chances," he said, and he does more than 200 "heartening" seminars and lectures a year.

Success in improving productivity with the introduction of "Ho-Me-I-Ku"

There is a lot of staff who quit because they don't mesh the gears of the team because they interact with each other with their complexion on top of each other and the cost of hiring is high.... So what the management took notice of was a "Ho-Me-I-Ku" that set a clear "Ho-Me-I-Ku standard" to raise staff and aim to increase sales.

A satisfying standard becomes clear and a communication of contentment takes hold

By creating a "standard" for instructions that had been vague so far, each other became convincing. Do not rely on individual discretion or judgment. Due to the definition, transparency, and the standards to be respected, the manager of the store did not lose touch with the staff. If the criteria are met, the performance is urged if the criteria are not met. Because we also can draw a clear line, with the creation of "gentrifying culture," "Good things are good. Bad things are bad. "It has become a bright place where the main sound can be clearly said, and the number of voluntary proposals from staff is increasing.

Extend "Ho-Me-I-Ku" to children as well.

Yatsuri Nursery in Higashiyamato City, Tokyo Prefecture first introduced "Ho-Me-I-Ku" in nursery education in 2016. On the leadership side, the departure was stopped as well as the introduction of "Ho-Me-I-Ku" at companies, improving the relationship between officials. It is said that there was a lack of room for guidance, and not only for the kindergarten children, but also for the guardians became more careful.

"Ho-Me-I-Ku" from Japan to the world

"increase smiles around the world" by spreading this " Ho-Me-I-Ku" around the world, including in Asia such as Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan and China, and It is being introduced at educational sites and companies in 10 countries in the world such as the United States, Australia and India. He said he doesn't know how far it will be available in countries all over the world with a different mindset and culture, but he wants to expand "Ho-Me-I-Ku" around the world as a social business.

Lecture at Yatsuri Nursery School

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