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what the social business is.

The social business which aims to resolve the social problems

such as poverty, discrimination and self-reliance support comes to be

spotlighted.While introducing the difference from business enterprises,

the definitions of social business, current situations and cases, I am going to

explain about how to interact with social business from now on.

Social business is the activity that aims to resolve the

various social problems such as child-rearing, support for the elderly and handclapped

people, regional development, environmental protection, poverty, and

discrimination problem by developing the business and contributing to the


Since the social issues are diversified now, the governmental

welfare solution is limited, and the attentions and expectations come to be

oriented to the social business.

The biggest feature is not only taking action base on the external funds such as private donations and governmental subsidies but also working on the social problems by making the business as a mean,

which is expected to keep going the activity for its further expansion by raising the business profitability.

The definition of social business.

According to the social business research association of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which was established in 2007, the social business is defined as the one which meets the following three items: ‘ sociality ‘,‘business potential‘,‘ Innovation ’.

When it comes to the style of the system,

there exists various systems such as company limited and NPO.

Business potential

Embody the mission as a form of business and make progress the business activity continuously.

Our vision is to nurture managers and entrepreneurs who can generate more and more profit through praise.

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